Chest Pain in Women

Chest Pain in Women

Chest Pain in Women

Are you worried with chest pain ? Have you tried different kinds of treatments? Do you  want to know what is best therapy for  chest pain in women? Let review them in this article.

Causes of chest pain in women?

Hormonal changes during menstruation 

The menstrual cycle is when the lining of the uterus is shed in a monthly cycle to prepare the body for reproduction. There are several changes that occur to the female body during menstruation, including hormonal imbalance. The change in hormones often results in symptoms of cramping, moodiness and chest pain.

Damage to the breast 

Women in adventure racing and other active sports need to take steps at preventing breast damage. The best solution is finding and fitting the best sports bra.


It’s common for breastfeeding women to feel a sensation of heaviness in their breasts and chest. As the breasts fill with milk, they exert pressure on the surrounding tissue and muscles which can cause a feeling of heaviness and even lead to back pain and muscle soreness. In most cases, chest heaviness is not cause for concern, but you should consult your doctor or a lactation specialist about any breastfeeding concerns.

Infection of the breast 

Yeast infection on the breast is a common problem for many women. Infections on and under the breast can be both painful and embarrassing.Yeast infection in the nipple area often starts with unusual tenderness and soreness. The nipple may become dry and itchy and progress to redness, swelling, and burning. It can affect one or both of the breasts.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most widespread type of cancer in women. It is a malignant tumor found in the breast. Pain in the breast is a common symptom. if you feel any irritation or pain in the nipple and see swelling around the breast, you should definitely contact a doctor.

Treatment for  chest pain in women

Your diet can have a significant impact on breast pain. Eliminate caffeine rich foods such as:

  • coffee
  • colas, and
  • black tea

These diet  have a significant effect on breast tenderness and women report almost immediate relief when they stop using them.
Try Massage

Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and gets necessary fluids moving throughout your body again. It’s also great for elimination and things like cellulite.


Chasteberry is also a great herb to help you prevent breast pain during and after your period. It can actually control your pituitary gland and prevent the release of certain hormones in large amounts. In fact, since it can control the release of certain hormones, chasteberry can also prevent other symptoms, such as menstrual cramps.

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