Constant chest pain

Constant chest pain

constant chest pain

Constant chest pain is a serious symptom meaning “heart attack” to most people. While pain from the heart may sometimes be mild, it is usually intense. Sometimes a feeling of pressure or squeezing on the chest is more prominent than actual pain.

Constant chest pain is a very horrifying and frightening experience that a person can have. It is sometimes difficult even for a doctor or other medical professional to tell what is causing constant chest pain and whether it is life-threatening.

Constant chest pain symptoms

You will may get persistent and constant chest pain for a few weeks. It’s not very painful, but sometimes really sore. It usually occurs around your upper chest near armpit. It’s off and on. And it moves between your chest and back. Sometimes you will feel it on both back and chest.

Constant chest pain causes

The causes of constant chest pain could range in a wide variety of conditions. But among the most popular causes of this may be heart diseases. To people who experiences this for the first time, you should not react in panic, as there are ways that you could prevent them.

Angina is a popular term for people who have experienced chest pains. Also known as angina pectoris, this is where the flow of blood through the heart muscle coronary vessels is slow. This is also a symptom of the condition called myocardial ischemia, where blood flowing through the heart muscle is not sufficient for it to function well.

Constant chest pain is also a lung cancer symptom in about one fourth of people with lung cancer. The pain is dull, aching, and persistent and may involve other structures surrounding the lung.

Causes of constant chest pain that are not related to heart are pulmonary embolism, heartburn, pleurisy, pinched nerves, shingles caused by virus, injured ribs, espophageal spasms which are swallowing disorders, pancreas or gallbladder problems. Most of these are not quickly dangerous for life but they are as deadly as heart problems when these medical get deteriorated and treatments many not be any more effective.

Constant chest pain treatment

If you suffer from a constant chest pain, then you should follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart conditions from occurring. Smoking should be avoided as nicotine may build up in the coronary vessels, causing a partial or complete blockage to blood flowing to the heart. You should also avoid foods that are fatty, as these may develop and cause plaque within the arterial walls, resulting into blocking of the bloodstream. Alcohol should be reduced so your blood pressure will not rise to an extreme level.

You may also want to do exercise for 30 minutes everyday so you keep a healthy heart to avid constant chest pain, as well as maintain your weight below the level of obesity. With these simple steps, you could prevent the causes of chest pain and be ready for the more enjoyable things in life.

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