Can gas cause chest pain?

Are you worried that with your chest pains? Do you want to know can gas cause chest pain? Have you tried different kinds of treatments? Let’s review them in this article.

gas cause chest pain

gas cause chest pain

Can gas cause chest pain?

Many people who have gas problems also experience chest pain. These pains, although not life-threatening, can be discomforting and may disrupt a person’s daily life. Persistent problems with gas with chest pain symptoms can be due to a health problem known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Therefore, any person wondering “can gas cause chest pain?” should realize that the answer is “Yes” and that gastro induced pains in the heart needs proper treatment, in order to avoid further complications.

Causes of  chest pain after eating

If the acidic fluid from stomach is carried back into the esophagus, it leads to heartburn. Heartburn causes a burning discomfort in the area just below the breastbone. It might also lead to problems like bloating and gas. Heartburn is the common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and it’s also one of the primary causes of chest pain after eating. If you repeatedly experience heartburn after meals, you possibly have gastroesophageal reflux disease which is causing frequent chest pain after having meals. Burning sensation in the throat or a sour or bitter taste in mouth is also experienced in this case. When stomach contents reflux up into esophagus, they might also reach the back of throat causing a sour and bitter taste in mouth. Nausea after eating is often caused due to the same reason.

Chest pain caused by gas symptoms

You may feel/hear gas like sounds rumbling around in your upper stomach/chest. It’s actually almost like flu like symptoms. The chest pain can go on for several days.

Chest pain caused by gas treatment

The best treatment for chest pain caused by gas is drinking warm water with baking soda in it. it will make you burp out all the gas, or take some maalox or tums or gas-x strips or drink a lot of soda pop, it will make you release all the gas. the warm water with baking soda is the best one method.

Sometimes, a heart attack may manifest itself in the form of a gassy chest pain. Even if it is gas that is causing your chest pain, having it resolved with proper anti-acid medications can make your life more enjoyable and stress free, than wondering and worrying of the cause of chest pain.

If you ignore chest pain and do not get proper attention, it may be threatening for you and it can be some major heart disease So do not take it easy and tackle it with proper medical care.


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