Sharp Chest Pain Left Side

Are you worried with your sharp chest pain left side ? Have you tried different kinds of treatments? Do you want to know how to  cure your sharp chest pain left side? Let review them in this article.

sharp chest pain left side

sharp chest pain left side

We may experience sharp chest pain left side  from time to time but we should not fear the disease, we should try and respond calmly. Certainly seeking medical advice is important and immediate medical attention can prevent further damage from happening.

Sharp chest pain left side symptoms

Sharp Chest pain left side have different characteristics.You may randomly get sharp pains in your chest and they usually don’t last very long and whenever you moved or exerted yourself you would get a sharp pain.

Sharp chest pain left side is usually a sharp “catch” that interrupts a breath, and that returns with each breath for a few moments – then it subsides. It is not related to exercise, and generally can be localized to a specific small area (smaller than the palm of the hand) on the chest wall. It usually lasts for less than a minute, but can come back on and off for an hour or so.

Sharp chest pain left side causes

Angina, heart attack (myocardial infarction) -  Severe, crushing central pain; may be felt in jaw, neck and arms. Nausea; breathlessness; sweaty skin; faintness. Angina is precipitated by exertion and settles with rest. A heart attack may occur at rest and does not settle with rest.

Reflux oesophagitis (inflammation of the gullet)  -  Anything from mild acid heartburn to symptoms similar to those of Angina, above. Usually acid regurgitation in throat when stooping, lying down and after meals.

Anxiety (Da Costa;s syndrome)  -  Pain often in one specific point in the chest; related to a stressful event or generally anxious personality.

Pulled muscle  -  Usually after physical activity; triggered by certain arm movements. Sore point in affected muscle.

Inflammation of the rib cartilage (costochondritis)  -  Often triggered by a general viral illness. Pain on deep breathing in a few points between ribs and breastbone, which are sore to touch.

Sharp chest pain left side can be evaluated by taking a careful history. The condition is very common, and very easy to diagnose by history – as long as the doctor is aware of it and understands it. The important thing to keep in mind is that this condition is completely benign, and is not related to any medial problem or any abnormality.

Sharp chest pain left side suggests a variety of health conditions and concerns. You should always consider the advice of your trusted healthcare provider. It is always important to treat the condition urgently. These conditions give a good prognosis if a swift action and intervention is initiated. If ever you have a preexisting disease, make sure that you comply with your prescribed maintenance medications to keep you from experiencing the painful course of the disease. Always remember that an informed individual makes good decisions about his self.


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